The Moen lab summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is a National Science Foundation funded program whose goal is to train undergraduates in basic scientific research and to increase the diversity of scientists pursuing evolutionary biology. Summer REU projects will also directly contribute to a broader funded project through data collection related to the project’s research goals.

As part of the program, you will be trained to conduct scientific research and mentored in advancing your scientific career. Successful projects may lead to future research opportunities in the Moen lab and possibly publication of a manuscript. You will also receive a $3200 stipend and housing through OK State University.

Description of the program
The program runs for 8 weeks, from 27 May – 19 July 2019. Students will work with a post-doctoral research mentor to choose a project, collect and analyze data, and present the results of the project at the end of the summer. Students will also travel to the Biodiversity Institute at the University Kansas to see one of the world’s largest amphibian collections, select specimens for research, and talk to curators and graduate students about collections-based research and careers.

Research projects will focus on the evolution, morphology, and mechanics of movement of anurans (frogs and toads). Potential subjects include:

(1) The relationship of body form and function
(2) Evolutionary biomechanics
(3) Macroevolution of ecology, morphology, and biogeography

Who is elegible to apply?
Currently enrolled, non-graduating undergraduate students majoring in biology, or biology-related discipline are eligible to apply. Previous research experience is desired, but not strictly necessary. Students from historically underrepresented groups in the STEM-related fields are strongly encouraged to apply.

How can you apply?
Applications include four parts: a general form, an essay, a transcript, and contact information for a reference. Applications are due on 15 March. Selection of awardees will be made in the following two weeks. Detailed application instructions are found here.

For more information
Please contact either principal investigator Dr. Daniel Moen at or post-doc Gen Morinaga at